Rocio de Jesus Veliz Lucas | Ghost

Hostería Saiananda, Caraquez Bay,
Ecuador, South America

“I am 48 years old. I had gone on vacation to the place where my mother lives. Many times people come to ask for her help. One day, a girl arrived at 3 in the morning from the country, saying that at 6 pm, as she was closing her front door, she saw the ghost of a man; his skull was full of blood. She closed the door, went to her room and fainted. It seemed that the ghost or spirit of the dead man had followed her.

Her husband, seeing her like this, was frightened. Later, when she opened her eyes, the spirit continued bothering her. So they decided to leave the house and they walked towards the main road. By then, it was about one o’clock in the morning.

At this time, there was a lady who was to be taken to Caraquez Bay because she was having labor pain. They took advantage of the ride and arrived at my mother’s house. This was at three-thirty in the morning. When I saw her in front of the door, I told her that I was sorry but at this hour my mother could not attend anyone. The young man, her husband, said: ‘Don’t be unkind, tell her it is my wife. I’m so-and-so, she knows me. I don’t know what to do because my wife is being followed by a spirit and it was difficult to get here. That is why we arrive at this hour. That spirit doesn’t leave us, a lot of bad things happened along the way . She is the only one who can help us.’

I was talking to him through the window and I was scared because I thought he might want to steal something and that he was making up a story. It was alarming at that hour. But when my son and I got outside, we felt something. My son said, ‘it’s true.’ I went back into the house and explained the situation to my mom. My mom said, ‘go get the medicine’. I left running and got the medicine – the Agnihotra ash that we always have prepared in bottles. Then I poured some in a glass with water, handed it through the window and said, ‘Drink this medicine and wait to see my mom at 8 in the morning.’ The man gave it to his wife and returned the glass, thanking me. When I came back to close the window, the wife asked, ‘What did I take? Because something magical happened – the spirit left.’ She was getting better and asked what she had been given, because it seemed for her that it was something magical, the water with Agnihotra ash. She thanked me and they left. The next day, she returned and said she has been fine since then.” (Photo above Mrs. Rocio de Jesus Veliz Lucas)

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