Our Children – Our Future

Do you love children? Maybe you have children? No, it is not necessary to have children of your own in order to love them and give them joy. That is possible with every child in the world! So many children in the world have a difficult time and need our support. But what can we do?

In 1975, a top scientist at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore/USA (which is a leading university in the field of medicine) told me the following: When a man in New York, USA thinks a thought, in Sydney, now scientific instruments can register this idea and know what this man thinks in New York. And these scientists found out that the power of an idea goes far beyond Sydney into the vastness of the cosmos!

If a machine in Sydney captures what I think in New York, how much more can a person’s heart do this? If I give the gift of a loving thought to a person, certainly it will reach his heart. Whether his mind will realize it or not, it is another question. Often, our mind is occupied with many things and we forget to listen to our hearts, but still all the love we send from our soul will surely arrive and support that person.

Now, what does this have to do with our children? In the same manner we can send our love to each child of this earth, its soul will receive it and thus it get assistance as love is the greatest healing force for all types of problems. The children are our future! And all that we can send them on happiness, they will be able to pass on and this is something that reaches far beyond our own lives. And it will make the children strong and happy for a joyous future.

How can I send many loving thoughts to our children if my everyday life is difficult? Of course, first we need enough strength for our own happy day in order to be able to share our happiness with others. It’s like mountain climbing: if you climb a steep hill, you need a hand to hold yourself securely on to the rocks. And only when you manage to stand firmly, can you reach out with the other hand to help a friend.

In my life I have tried the following: When practicing morning Agnihotra at sunrise and evening Agnihotra at sunset I invited my children to join and sit down and together be charged with love through this incredible cosmic healing power at Agnihotra time. You could do the same! And experience how well everybody feels. And if you cannot invite your children for Agnihotra, because perhaps they live far away or maybe you don’t have a child? You can do Agnihotra and invite in thought the soul of your child to share this experience. Or you can invite in thought the souls of the children next door. Or you can invite all the souls of a whole kindergarten to join you for the healing Agnihotra fire. You know, every thought arrives in the heart (even in the machinery of the scientists!). And then experience the joy that strengthens our everyday life.

Sometimes you might want to do even more. Perhaps on a heavy day you need more strength? Or your children need more support? I have tried the following: In the evening at 9:00 pm when my children were asleep, I sat beside their bed and quietly did the Tryambakam Homa for 15 minutes (if you don’t know about this, please ask for further information). My experience has always been that the children slept very deeply and quietly – no matter how chaotic their day had been and the next day they woke up full of vitality and joy. Through this practice my children were very balanced and anchored in love and had a deep rooted inner strength to get through the day better and more aware. I myself also experienced more strength and happiness so that whenever possible I did the Om Tryambakam fire for 15 minutes.

Today my children are adults, they have bright shiny eyes and can pass on their love, strength and joy again to their children and other children. You know: it works with all children! Love does not stop at your own family; it flows on and warms the heart of all life.

“Man, thou shalt be a blessing: FILL ALL THE SPHERES WITH LOVE!”

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