Rosa Eulalia López Pedraza’s Story

Bogotá, Colombia
South America


“I am 65 years old. 3 years ago, I was hospitalized for pneumonia. Since that time, I am suffering with the lungs. They did some tests and told me that I was in a bad shape and that I should continue with medication. And since then, every time I walked one or two blocks, I had difficulties breathing. Even if the path was flat, I had to stop. It was even much harder when I had to climb stairs for I had to stop more often to breathe.”

“However, after one week of coming to the Homa Center of Bogota and taking the Agnihotra ash, I could breathe well. Now I can walk upstairs to the third floor of my house or even climb a small hill and I do not have any problem breathing. I feel very good. I sometimes used inhalers, but now I have not even looked at them again. I’m not taking any medication and do not need to visit a doctor. That was my first experience.”

“My second experience was that I was suffering with constipation and had nine days without a bowel movement. I felt I was about to blow up! I decided to take Agnihotra ash with all the liquids. Now I feel great and I have regular bowl movement.”

“I also had terrible colic pain which gradually disappeared and now it is gone. I feel wonderful thanks to my discipline with Homa Therapy. I have been coming to the Agnihotra session every Thursday for the last 2 months.”

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