Ana Maria’s Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America


“I want to share an experience with you. I had problems with my son. He is 20 years old and he has been very rebellious, very aggressive and very difficult. I think he still has not yet passed adolescence.”

“Two weeks ago, I started doing Agnihotra at home. He told me that it smelled ugly and asked what it was for. However I said, you can join me whenever you want. Last week, he saw me doing Agnihotra in the garage and he came and sat right next to me and surprisingly he put his hands respectfully near the fire and then placed them over his head, chest and stomach. The next day he asked me: ‘Aren´t you going to do the fire?’ The truth is that he has already changed his behaviour. He greets me nicer, he is quieter and he does not fight so much with his sister.”

“I truly see that the fires make him change. Now I’m putting the Agnihotra ash in his hot chocolate. I’m also putting it into the spices, salt, pepper, etc. Now in my house, everything has the Agnihotra ash: it is in the soup, juice, everywhere.”

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