Amparo Morato Lopez’ Story

Bogota, Colombia
South America

accident trauma
broken bone

“I am 42 years old. At the moment, we are in the community hall of Santa Barbara, the new Homa Center of Bogota. I had a car accident that left some after effects in my body. My arm (the radial and ulnar bones) was hurt.”

“Several surgeries were made, but I could hardly move my arm. And thanks to taking the Agnihotra ash and applying it regularly with ghee, the pain became less and I can move my arm much better. This is due to Homa Therapy.” (In the photo Ms. Amparo shows how much better she can mover her arm now.)

“I was taking morphine since last year. Now, I have two months without morphine for the pain disappeared and I can move my arm even better. Mr. Javier and the neighbors are witnesses that I could not move it. Even after rehabilitation therapy, I had very little movement. With Homa, now I do not need the morphine and I have more movement.”

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