Rocio and Romulo Valdez | Brain tumour

Rocio and Romulo Valdez
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

     "We have the case of a niece, who died 8 years ago at the age of 33. She had 7 tumors in her brain and they were inoperable. The process from her being diagnosed until her death lasted 3 to 4 months.
(Photo: Mrs. Rocio with her husband Romulo sharing their experience at an Agnihotra meeting in Amaranto.)

     She suffered from terrible pains which did not stop with anything. And she even received morphine. She had become blind, since the tumors had also affected her eyes.       Then a friend of my sister offered to come to their home to do a therapy. She came with a group of people and they performed Agnihotra. My sister later continued several more times doing it. And the amazing thing about this therapy was, that after this Agnihotra, my niece saw small kids running all around the house wearing blue hats and she asked her mother who they were. Since she was blind and there were no children, she apparently was able to see on a subtle level the elementals.
    Another remarkable thing after this Agnihotra was that she did not feel any more pain again. There was no more need for further morphine injections. When they took her for the resonance, the doctors said that it was impossible due to the 7 tumors not to have pain. But she said that nothing hurt and she died without any pain. For my sister, this was the greatest miracle. It was due to Homa Therapy that the pain had vanished.”

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