Deborah Titus | Eyesight Problems

Deborah Titus
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

      "I am 51 years old. Basically what happened is that I woke up 3 weeks ago to go to work and I could not see anything. Nothing. Complete Darkness.
Since then, I’ve seen a team of doctors, who have done all the visual tests, all the neurological tests, and the explanation was that my eyes were inflamed- the back of my eyes and the retina. As a result, there was no light going to my eyes; my eyes were swollen. I was in total darkness. I could not differentiate morning from night.

    My friend Joyce told me about Homa Therapy and I’ve been attending 3 times. I come because I get a sense of learning how to just release and surrender and I experience peace. I feel that this technique with the Homa Fires and the breathing exercises that Prof. Abel has shown me, have helped me. I saw my doctor 2 days ago and I saw my doctor today and he showed me the scans of what it was 2 days ago and the dimension of the scan today was half the size. So I have been released and I can go back to work on Monday!
My vision is not 100%, but I can see the birds, I can see the faces, I can differentiate. Before, I could not see my own eyes, I could see my face, but not my eyes. Today will be my 4th session with Agnihotra in this Holistic Natural Center of Dr. Mario and Yuri. Oh my God – in such a short time this is happening!
I also received the Agnihotra eye drops.
The first time I used them, I felt a cloudiness coming in and I got almost scared. But after that, the clarity came. I went outside and I was so amazed. I can’t find words to adequately explain. I am happy.I am very, very happy."
(Photo above: Deborah Titus – left- participating with her friend Joyce -right- in Agnihotra session.)  

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