Herman Cabezas | Asthma

Herman Cabezas
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
(Taxi driver of Dr. Monica Franco)

        "I am 55 years old. Since a young age, I suffered with asthma and I was choking often. I took a lot of medicines, still that problem persisted. Once I talked to Dr. Monica about this and she gave me Agnihotra ash. So I started to take it and I saw how the choking and the asthma went away in about 15 days. I continued taking this remedy for 2.5 months. Then I told the doctor that this medicine has helped me. I also had suffered from sinusitis and this is disappearing.                             (Photo: Mr. Herman Cabezas)

          When I was taking the ash, I felt something moved in my nose and a little blood came. Then I could breathe better. This occurred three times. I have had a nose operation when I was young, but the problem still continued.
    Now, by just taking the Agnihotra ash, I’m fine. Today is my first time that I participate in the Agnihotra Fire."

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