Ricardo Rezabala | Diabetic Foot

Ricardo Rezabala
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

   In January this year, I had the case of a person with a diabetic foot in critical condition. He was bleeding through the open wounds. However, after applying Agnihotra ash for two months, these wounds closed and healed completely.
Initially, the daughter of this gentleman opposed the application of Agnihotra ash on the wound, because according to her, it could become infected. She is a Medical Doctor. Actually, she is a specialist in diabetic feet and her husband is also a Medical Doctor. However, they could not help him.

 The patient’s wife took the task and responsibility of applying the Agnihotra ash.
Now, everyone is grateful to Homa Therapy.
Photo above: Ricardo Rezabala, Agnihotra practitioner.
Left photo: Open wounds of the patient before applying the Agnihotra ash cream.
Right photo: The happy family with the healthy patient!

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