Laura Macias Diaz | Prostate Cancer

Laura Macias Diaz
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

      I have a brother who was very, very sick with cancer in the hospital. I went to see him there, took him out of the hospital and brought him to Dr. Montufar.
My family was already buying a coffin for him, since he was practically dying.
Dr. Montufar
sat him in a chair and we started doing Tryambakam Homa. Then he applied Agnihotra ash cream on his chest and back.
My brother began to take Agnihotra ash every day in water, in food and a little underneath the tongue.

   I took my brother for one week daily to Dr. Montufar and miraculously my brother was saved. There was no need for the coffin anymore, because he got better and he still is in good health.
He had suffered from prostate cancer. That was approx. a year and a half ago. The Medical Doctors had told him that he was going to die soon, but he is fine.
I have seen several so-called “Homa Miracles ” in Dr. Jaime Montufar’s Clinic, "El Buen Pastor" (The Good Shepherd).

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