Nelly Rippe’s Story

Bogota, Colombia
South America


“I have been practising Agnihotra for almost 8 years and I have had many experiences. One of the most beautiful happened 6 years ago with my poodle dog, called Bambina who got sick after I had to move. The doctor said she had “distemper” which is a fatal disease for dogs. But the vet was still going to apply 3 injections and told me if the dog did not show any improvement after a certain time period, then it would be necessary to euthanize (sacrifice) him because the dog would not recover.”

“Every day she had an injection and as the time suggested by the vet passed the dog could not get up, she was very stiff and was foaming at the mouth. I practically thought the dog was dying. I told the vet what happened and she said: “Bring her to me for the euthanasia, so the animal will not suffer so much.” I was very sad, I could not do this. I thought it is best that the dog dies naturally.”

“Then I remembered the Agnihotra ash. Because she could not move or swallow or take anything, I took a syringe and mixed the Agnihotra ash with water and forced the solution into her mouth three times a day. I gave that to her on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday she lifted her head. She was not so stiff anymore, the foaming was less and I realized that this treatment was working well and continued with it.”

“After 2 more days the dog could sit up and as she was able to swallow more I gave her more ash. Sometimes she vomited. When she did not have any more foam, I gave the Agnihotra ash powder with the food. I feel that something very powerful happened to her through the Agnihotra ash. After 8 days, she was able to get up. And after 10 days she had fully recovered.”

“When I went to visit the veterinarian doctor, she said “Oh, you bought another dog.” I said “No, this is the same Bambina.” She could not believe that the dog had gotten healed. This was something very beautiful and gave me much more faith towards the practice of Agnihotra, because it happened soon after I started.”

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