Ray Becerra’s Story

Florida, USA

Asthma, Sciatica

“I arrived here with a very severe pain of the sciatic nerve. I am also a chronic asthmatic. I never forget to carry the asthma spray. And I have another physical sign or deformation that is called ‘chicken chest.’ Only people who have suffered from this illness for more than 20, 25 years have it. I was born with asthma. Asthma is not the only problem. I am also allergic to smoke.”

“I cannot be where smoke is. I was horrified finding myself in this corner without knowing that there will be so much smoke. Nobody had told me that beforehand. I should really say that I am a Nature lover and I do not believe in anything that I cannot see. But I really think, it would be a lack of respect, not telling the truth about what I felt here. Specially the pain of the sciatic nerve, it is a pain that doesn’t disappear in one moment. It is a pain that usually continues increasing for one week, then comes the most intense part before it recedes. I believe it was really the HOMA Therapy, because the pain has gone completely.”

Picture shows Ray Becerra giving his testimony

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