Mario Aguilar’s Story

Coquimbo, Chile
South America


“My friend’s son was suffering from pneumonia. He had spent a lot of money on medical treatment for his son and was in deep financial trouble. When I met him he was carrying a box of medicines with him. I told him that I have had good experiences regarding health problems with Agnihotra ash from Agnihotra Homa.”

“I gave him the small bottle of ash which I had with me and told him, ‘Take this. You and your son should take a pinch of this ash every hour and before the week is over he will be perfectly well’.”

“I told him not to open the box of medicines he was carrying. He looked at me and said, “This medicine cost me a lot of money.’ I told him that this was not important. Since we have been good friends for a long time he trusted me and took the ash home.”

“After only 3 days he told me that his son was able to run, that his appetite had returned, he was practicing sports and he was wonderfully well. He asked me for some more ash for his wife, who was suffering with nervous system problems. He took ash for his wife, which also gave a splendid result.”

Mario and his wife practise Agnihotra together

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