Mariza Liliana Carrera Garrido | Non-Healing Wound

Mariza Liliana Carrera Garrido
Piura, Peru, South America

    "I’m 35 years old. About 10 years ago, I went to visit a gentleman in the company of my children. My eldest daughter had a wound on her forearm which did not cure. It was getting bigger and after 2 months still had not healed. It seemed to be a very resistant fungus. The wound suppurated in spite of the cicatrizing creams. It looked like raw meat.
The doctor had said that it was a spider bite and she did receive injections. But later he said that it was a fungi and I applied all the prescribed creams. But it did not heal.

(Photo: Mrs. Mariza Carrera with one of her daughters)

     The gentleman noticed the wound and asked what it was and I explained the situation.
 He then told us a story of a child who has had severe wounds all over his body and who had received several medical treatments but did not heal. Only with an ash it got healed. Then he brought this ash and applied it to the wound of my daughter. I did not ask anything else, because I was very young and quite shy. We left and did not return again. It was only once that the ash was applied, and the wound healed completely. She felt no more burning or pain. Later, in the State Hospital Reategui of Piura, I learned that this ash had been the healing Agnihotra ash of Homa Therapy."

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