Irene García Rodríguez | Sinusitis, Varicose Veins

Irene García Rodríguez
Social Security Hospital (EsSalud) Ventanillas
Lima North, Peru, South America

       "I’m 57 years old. I did an experiment mixing one teaspoon of Agnihotra ash with cold boiled water, which I put in a dropper. Since I suffered from sinusitis, I put a couple of drops into each nostril. The doctor had told me that there was need to place some tubes into my nostrils for drainage because I was not able to breathe.
I applied these Homa drops for 15 days, once a day, mostly before going to bed. Holy remedy! I got completely well.
I did not take any pills or other remedies, only these drops.

    When I went to the doctor, he said I was fine. Do you realize what is happening here? 
(Photo: Mrs. Irene García Rodríguez)

 Then I did another experiment with the Agnihotra ash mixed with Ghee like a cream. My 83-year-old mother was bedridden. She had swollen varicose veins and could not walk. The skin had become hard. I applied the warmed Homa cream with a warm cloth over her veins and the skin sucked in all the cream. Within a week, my mom got up and walked! Do you see what is happening? The miracle is Agnihotra and its ash! I have so much faith!
      My mom also had her fingers bent and could not move them. With the same warm cream, I rubbed her hands and she was able to open her hand. She slept with this cream on her hands, which I wrapped in paper towels and then put gloves on top.
Her fingers are no longer bent.
This is so fantastic."

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