Fidela Conde Núñez | Mouth Ulcers, Nail Fungus, Sore Throat

Fidela Conde Núñez
EsSalud Hospital, "Sister Maria Donrose" Polyclinic
 Ventanilla, Lima, Peru, South America

        "I am 52 years old. I came to Homa Therapy with mouth ulcers.  I have suffered from these sores before and they last approx. 15 days. However, when I started to consume the Agnihotra ash with water, the pain did not deepen and the canker did not grow as usual.
It just remained  small and reddish. 

On the second day, the pain diminished tremendously. And on the third day, it disappeared completely. In other words, the process of the ulcer did not continue.
Usually, it grows and it gives a horrible pain that does no let me eat, neither sweet nor salty.
Also, less than a week ago, I suffered from a sore throat, a flu. So I continued to take water with Agnihotra ash. Let me tell you, I have not taken any medication. The cold, the strong flu which had given me pain in the throat, started disappearing. Today I do not have any more a sore throat.
Homa Therapy, Agnihotra ash and the healing smoke have relieved the pain and annoyance. They have all disappeared."              
    (Photo: Mrs. Fidela Conde Núñez)

   "I have been taking Agnihotra ash and doing Agnihotra here at the Clinic for more than a year. I have not only been cured of the mouth ulcers, but I also noticed a lot of other benefits in my health. I have had fungi in my nails and the fungi disappeared. I used to take Fluconazole, but that did not help me. Now, I do not stop taking Agnihotra ash for one single day; I take it with water 3 times/day.

      Also, now I rarely suffer from a cold and also the pain I had in my throat is gone. Before, my knees ached, but since I apply Agnihotra ash with ghee and then wrap it well, I was able to forget about the pads for pain and inflammation. This is because I consume quite a lot of Agnihotra ash. I feel good and I see that during this time with Homa Therapy my health has improved a lot."

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