Manuela Szcypior’s Story



“One of our neighbors was working on the water cooling system of a motor vehicle. It somehow exploded and he was burned all over the body with boiling water. This happened in summer. His whole upper body, hands, etc. were scalded.”

“So, he went to the doctor and they applied a net over the skin. After two days, he came to us and told us about the accident. He was still in so much pain. None of the medicines worked against the pain.”

“So, I gave him Agnihotra ash powder and said, ‘Try it. There is no harm in trying.’ He applied the ash on just the arm at first and he said after two hours, there was no pain! Then, he used the ash to cover his whole body. After two hours there was no pain at all. Then after ten days he was completely healed without any allopathic medicine.”

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