Elsa Angula de Alivar’s Story

Guayaquil, Ecuador
South America


One day my niece fell on the floor and began to convulse. We took her to the hospital and then to a clinic. In the beginning it was thought to be possible trichinosis, but then we found out that she was suffering from epilepsy.

The doctors conducted many tests on her. One day my friend, Sonia Peterson suggested trying the Agnihotra ash. I thought that was a wonderful idea, since I was grateful for anything that may mean improvement for my niece. Later, we began to give her the Agnihotra ash to see what would happen. The girl previously suffered at least 8 attacks a day. Now after having begun to take the Agnihotra ash, if she has one attack a month it is a lot. From that moment on, for us, Homa Therapy is something marvelous.

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