HAVE A COLD? How to quickly get well!

Pharmacist, Monika Koch, Germany

When the cold season begins, the body must organize and adapt its energy. If it can’t do this quickly, we might catch a cold. This is not only the case in long, cold winters, but also in hot weather a sudden cold can occur. Why? A "cold" has always something to do with cool: during a cold season, the environment can withdraw too much heat from the body; when walking on a stone floor too much heat can escape from the body; wind or wearing a wet bathing suit for too long can withdraw much heat; being outside, or exposed to draft or an air-conditioner, etc. can withdraw too much body heat.

In that moment our body cannot generate enough heat, our immune system does not work properly and viruses and bacteria can spread easily.

Prevention is always the best medicine. If one pays always attention to keeping the body warm, the immune system can work well and it is easy to stay healthy. That is the very best. It helps to keep the feet and chest warm, avoid draft, wear protective clothing in rain, wind and cold weather and change wet or sweaty clothes in hot temperatures.

In addition, the constant practice of Agnihotra strengthens our defense system. We can support its’ effect, drinking regularly hot Agnihotra ash water: put powdered Agnihotra ash in water and boil it for 10 minutes. Drink this slowly, sip by sip, with every meal. This way your body is well prepared and it is easier to stay healthy.

But what if you still caught a cold? Then you can recover faster, if you provide the body with heat from inside and outside!
Important is to take daily 2 times or more a ‘rising foot bath’ with Agnihotra ash powder. For this we prepare lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of Agnihotra ash powder. We bathe the feet in it and keep adding warmer water, so that the temperature of the foot bath rises. This bath should be concluded as hot as possible. This leads to body heat and helps to strengthen the defense system. It’s effect is amazing.
Additionally you can rub the body with a mixture of ghee and a little Agnihotra ash powder 2-3 times a day, especially in the areas of the bronchi, kidneys and feet. This helps to maintain the heat in the body and provides healing energy for these important areas.
Internally we can heat up our system well with hot elderberry tea or lime flowers tea, hot elderberry juice, hot cherry juice or similar red fruit juices. We always add a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder to the tea and sip it as hot as possible!
You can also take 4 x daily warm lemon juice with honey and Agnihotra ash powder.
– In addition, you can wear a cap to keep your head warm, stay in bed, sweat and get lots of sleep.
– For a sore throat you can additionally make a cold compress with Agnihotra ash water: take cold water, add a tablespoon of Agnihotra ash powder and soak a cloth in it. Wrap this cold cloth around the neck and cover with a dry cloth. After 15 minutes, remove the wrap and start the same process on both calves. After 15 minutes, take off the two cold wraps from the calves and continue again with the cold neck wrap. Thus continue alternating, until you feel better again.
– If you suffer from a major infection, you can take 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver with one pinch of Agnihotra ash powder 4 times daily.
Why do we take Agnihotra ash with everything? The Agnihotra fire and the resulting Agnihotra ash provide the body with very much energy on many levels. This allows the body to recover much faster and you feel healthy and fit soon. I wish you good health!

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