Lola Roncal | Marriage Saved

Lola Roncal
San Sebastian, Spain

                 "I am 61 years young. I started with the healing Fire practice last year in August in the Homa farm "Shreedham" in Algodonales. I went to visit there with a friend at a key moment of my life; these were very difficult moments. I decided to take a few days and go south. Christa explained to me the Homa fires and  we did Agnihotra.
The following day I noticed that my problems and my attitude towards them was different and
I noticed that I was fine
I returned to my home in San Sebastian with my pyramid, continued with the practice of the Homa Fires and my life has changed.

My relationship was saved. Now, we both do Agnihotra. The economic situation has also changed; what did not sell, now it sells.

Agnihotra is something that activates you so positively. It is not like winning the lottery, but it transforms you positively.
    Now, my passion is in Agnihotra.  I asked Christa and Ricardo to come to San Sebastian to spread it around more. The people who are doing Agnihotra are delighted. We want to spread it a little further. My idea is to do that from the Homa farm, which is a wonderful place. You are invited to visit and experience the energy on this farm, you will find this not elsewhere. It’s like a paradise.
   If one’s attitude towards life changes, everything changes. If there are other things on your mind, the surrounding is also transformed. I practice also Reiki and Yoga, but Agnihotra has a power that I invite you to check out. You simply have to get a pyramid and do it; it is wonderful.    In addition, children also love to be in front of the fire, it is a nice practice. It’s a small bit of Divine meditation. I have much more energy than before. I do things differently and I have time for everything.    I get up at 6 in the morning and I have no more sleeping problems. I’m better at everything. Before, my nervous system was extremely devastated.
      My husband did not believe in these kind of things, but now he is changed and he is happy.
I want to say that things can happen to you, but you can be well anyway. Even if this does not sound correct – it’s true. This process is available to anyone and I have not met anyone who has practiced it and has not felt a positive change.
     I had another experience through my daughter who participated in Agnihotra and took the Agnihotra ash. She had a lump in her throat. All doctors said that she had to be operated.  But my daughter was continually repeating ‘it bothers me, it bothers me." So I told her to do whatever she wants, but to come to the Homa presentation with Christa and Ricardo and take the Agnihotra ash. She did it and afterwards she went with her boyfriend for dinner.  While she was eating, she had to cough and she threw up this lump. She had been in Agnihotra before, but this time she took the Agnihotra ash directly."

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