Mariana Hilgers | Heart Attack

Mariana Hilgers
Foundation "Center Las Torcas"
Velez, Granada
Malaga, Spain

         "I have a German friend called Helga. She is a Naturopathic Doctor. She went to Germany  for she needed to be operated on the gallbladder and liver.
She had serious problems. During the operation, she suffered a heart attack. Then her daughter Sabine received a phone call from the operating doctor, who was a friend of Helga. He told Sabine: "Your mother is about to die."

Sabine called me and I called Christa and Ricardo Mena and also the Buddhist Center, because they were also practicing Homa Therapy. This was at 10:30 pm. We all did Tryambakam until 11:30 pm in Spain.  Sabine was doing it in Germany.
Helga then recovered and the doctor said to her: "Helga, we as physicians could not do anything; but tonight, you had many angels at your side." This is an experience of a real case.
(Photo: Mrs. Mariana Hilgers)

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