Dr. Mario Chavez | Diabetic Ulcer

Dr. Mario Chavez
West Palm Beach, FL, USA
"I want to share an experience I had with a case in Aguazul, Casanare, Colombia.
A young lady (approx. 25 years old) came with her several months old wound (a venous complication by insect bite) that smelled really bad.
Three doctors recommended amputating the leg at the knee due to danger of gangrene.
           It was washed with a decoction of horsetail and colloidal silver. And Agnihotra ash cream (ghee mixed with Agnihotra ash) with a little turmeric was applied. This was done several times.
   At the time, when the wound was bandaged, very close to the lesion, a copper Shree Yantra was also placed, touching the skin. After 2 months she fully recovered.
            The problems of wounds, diabetic ulcers, skin problems, etc. can be treated very successfully with Agnihotra ash cream."

Before Treatment

During Treatment – Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee and turmeric

Towards the end of the Homa treatment

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