Juana Fazabi Panduro | Autism

(Photo: Juana Fazabi)

Juana Fazabi Panduro
Comunidad Campesinos Castilla
Piura, Peru, South America

         I am 52 years old. Today is the 4th time that I have come to participate in Homa Therapy. My son, Jesus, is 8 years old.
      Before coming, I suffered from a strong pain in the shoulders and neck and also I could not sleep.
     I came on Saturday the first time. When I returned home, I fell asleep at 8 o’clock at night and slept until the next day in the morning!  My pains are also reducing.

   My son, Jesus, is a special child. Something happened when he was one-month old. He has also started sleeping earlier.
Since the first Agnihotra, he no longer screams.
He screamed here that first day, and it was like this at home. But not anymore.

        He always used diapers day and night. But now he does not need them anymore. He now goes to the bathroom alone and the diapers remain dry. Now, we leave him without diapers day and night, because he does not want them any longer and does not need them.
 He did not know how to say my name, he only said mama; but today, coming for Agnihotra, he called me “Ana”. He never said anything else, just “Mama” and “Papa”.
He loves to go to the Homa fires. I bathe him before going and he puts on his shoes and wants to go there.
We have seen in these few days what has not been achieved in years. I am inviting now other mothers with disabled children.

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