Carmen Maria Salazar Palacios | Blood Pressure, Arthritis

Carmen Maria Salazar Palacios
Peasant Community Castilla
Piura, Peru, South America

         I am 60 years old. I suffered from high blood pressure, dizziness and headache. Due to these problems, I had to take one pill (Enadabril) every day in the morning and one at the night, for 20 years. Still, sometimes I have had to go to the emergency department, because I could not stand the dizziness and pains. There, they crushed the pill and placed it beneath my tongue and even injected me. But with all this I still had the problems.
When I met Homa Therapy 5 years ago, at the Municipality of Castilla, where the Mayor had organized a presentation of Homa Therapy with Prof Abel and Aleta, I began to practice it and take its ash 3 times every day with juice.

(Photo: Mrs. Carmen Salazar )

And to this day, even though I have not been constant with its practice, I feel good and I do not take any pills; in spite of what the doctor had told me, that I would have to take this pill for life. My blood pressure is completely normal. My daughters are my witnesses.
One of my daughters, Ruth, is in the beginning stage of arthritis and could not get out of bed. I took her to a doctor, who only prescribed for her pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory medicine. But she was the same; they did not alleviate her pain.
    Last night, she participated in Agnihotra and I got her 3 tablespoons of Agnihotra Ash in juice before going to sleep. She did not take any pills. She slept well and got up early at 5:00 in the morning to do her therapeutic exercises. Then she swept the floor; (usually she cannot manage the broom).
 Today she has also gone for a walk to the center. I have a lot of faith in Homa Therapy.

Maritza, the other daughter confirms: “This is all true, my mom is not exaggerating.”

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