Liliana Henao’s Story

Bogotá, Colombia,
South America

Breast Cancer

In a massive practice of the Sacred Fire in the South of Bogotá, Colombia, one of the assistants asked whether or not an Agnihotri wanted to share some experience that would show the benefits of Agnihotra. I could not help to recall the time when my mother was declared a hopeless case with one of the most aggressive breast cancers in stage four. And comparing this sad time with our current situation, I got up and talked about how Agnihotra and its ash effectively supported the healing of this illness.

This cancer had claimed the lives of many women, younger than my mother and who received the same medical treatment. My mother is 80 years old.

Additionally to that, I feel progressively a joy within, a beautiful state of peace that I would like to convey to everyone, even though it has not been possible for me to practice Agnihotra every day due to my work.

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