Johny Javier León Cruz | Diabetes

(Photo: Johny León and his wife Maritza in the Buen Pastor)

Johny Javier León Cruz

Patient with diabetes

Homa Medical Center
El Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd)
of Dr. Jaime Montufar
Guayaquil, Ecuador,
South America

Dr. Montufar:
   Mr. Leon is a diabetic patient who came because his leg was going to be amputated. First, he was told that the foot would be cut. Then he was told that the cut would be above his knee. He escaped from the hospital and came to our Homa Medical Center. Thanks to Homa Therapy, we were able to help him with his foot and we were able to rescue his leg.

Johny Javier León Cruz:
I’m 48 years old. I entered the hospital on January 16th, 2018. I just had a small inconvenience in the sole of my foot and they operated on me above and below it. A few days later, they removed one toe. Afterwards, there were many worms in the wound. I was placed in a hospital room for 10 days. I was not allowed to see my family. I felt very depressed and wanted to kill myself. Then, at 4 AM, I was taken to another room and was told that they were going to amputate my leg. I asked how is that possible? They replied: Yes, we are going to amputate the leg at 7 o’clock in the morning. When asking who gave the order, they told me to talk to my family. Apparently, the doctors had made this decision because of complications they had encountered when cutting the toe.
        I did not want to be amputated and left the hospital before 7 with the help of a brother. I was devastated. Thanks God, a friend recommended me to go to Dr. Montufar. I have no children but I have been married to my wife for 23 years. When I came here to see Dr. Montufar,
I came in a wheelchair, because I could not walk. I could not even stand. It was in the middle of May, when I came here.
Doctor Montufar asked me to give him 2 to 3 months to get my foot back. I had faith in Dr. Montufar and decided to stay with Dr. Montufar with the help of God.
There were incredulous people around me, who told me this Agnihotra ash will not cure me. However, I told them that this is my decision and I did not pay further attention to them. I kept taking the Agnihotra ash. Believe me, before I took 15 pills a day and there was never any improvement. I have received very expensive injections, which hurt my eyes and made me blind.
Doctor Montufar gave me a list of things I cannot eat, such as meat, dairy products, etc.
After two months, Dr. Montufar told me that he did not want to see me in a wheelchair anymore. So, I started to walk slowly and then I forgot all about the wheelchair and the crutches and everything.
Now, I thank God and him, because the deep wounds of my foot have dried up, it looks very good. He cured me with the Agnihotra ash and even my glucose level went down. This is very important for me. I no longer take any pills, antibiotics, or anything like that.

Dr. Montufar:  The wound healed (photos). It was deep and full of worms. The doctors had to amputate one of his toes. But the wound did not heal. It reached from the bottom of the foot to the middle of the top. With the application of the Homa treatment and putting ghee and Agnihotra ash to the wound plus Vit. B 17 injections, everything dried up.

He continues to consume the Agnihotra ash and the skin is closing completely.
Maritza Flores, wife:

I was constantly accompanying my husband to the hospital. His foot was shattered and my husband wanted to die, but complete, without amputation of his leg. There was a lot of stress with all the treatments and taking him here and there and sometimes we did not know how to pay for all this.
When we got to Dr. Jaime, it made our lives so much easier. This doctor did not use any medication; he only used Agnihotra ash and ghee. The Agnihotra fire was something very wonderful. Our worries were disappearing and we felt much better looking at the Agnihotra fire full of colors. This pyramidal fire was healing us. My husband was cured thanks to God and thanks to doctor Montufar with his Homa Therapy.

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    Translation: Extraordinary testimony worth considering for various treatments not only against diabetes, but against any other disease existing today.

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