Antony Abreu | Cerebral Palsy

Carla Cossyleón
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

I started working with Antony Abreu, a 4-year-old boy, in March 2018. Antony has Cerebral Palsy due to a genetic mutation. He was always occupied with his tablet. Antony could not walk, not talk. He was scared with everything. When I picked him up, he cried.

Photo above: Carla and Antony;

However, after a little while, he stopped crying and the moment came when he asked to go to the park with me. He started liking the entertainment outdoors.
I am an Agnihotra practitioner since several years and I began to practice the Homa Fires in the presence of Antony. He began to say "Om Shree", putting his hands together.
After a few months with the Homa Fires, changing his diet, taking him outdoors and giving him Agnihotra ash, he began to try to walk more, to be more sociable and more smiling. He was always smiling but now he is even more.
Antony’s family is also experiencing more peace at home with the Homa fires.
Now we practice Agnihotra on Wednesdays and Saturdays together with his family.
As a summary, I can say that after 9 months of being with the child, he walks more and better. He is stronger and eats much better. Before, he had reflux and vomited very often. He did not eat solid food. His food had to be liquefied. Now he chews and has been able to stop food therapies. Antony also started eating alone, which he did not do before.
He goes to baseball for special children and almost runs when he hits. Now he is a more alert and more sociable child. For me, he is a teacher, a little angel smiling at life. He is a good boy with a big heart. Deep inside, now I know that he will have a very favorable life and that he will be a great example for many. OM SHREE OM

photos below:
some activities that Antony can do now; his mother and little brother in front of Agnihotra; playing with his friend Anthony, Carla’s grandson.

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  1. Wow. What a beautiful story. Bless you both. We have a Homa Farm Ecovillage Community in Poland. I will share this story to encourage others with children. So happy to read this. Much love to you.
    Love Parvati

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