Cary B | Herpes

Cary B., Lima, Peru, South America

Some of my healing experiences with Homa Therapy:

1) Herpes
    Since childhood, I have suffered frequently from herpes simplex. It appeared half a centimeter below the left end of the lower lip. It always arrived at the beginning of summer and lasted about 15 days without medication but with much discomfort.
As an adult, it sprouted about three times and it always healed without medication in about 15 days.

      In 2015, subjected to strong tensions, the herpes returned to the same place, with more injury. It was threatening to spread all over the face.  Small lesions appeared on the cheek.

The itching on the lip and cheek lasted about 10 days. The nights were difficult and the sores were painful. An unpleasant sensation was spreading down my cheek. From day 8 on, it began to dry. In about 15 days it disappeared with an Acyclovir treatment. It left a large visible lesion for about 30 days. Then it gradually disappeared.
In October 2018, once again under severe stress, it appeared again in the left lower lip with a major lesion of small blisters on the upper lip. Both lips were dry and I had much discomfort like tingling, burning and numbness. Every night when I got home from work, I would cover the herpes with ghee and when I lay down I would cover the lesions with Agnihotra ash.
For the first time, the lesion completely disappeared in 7 days only, hardly leaving any trace, even though the scabs became very striking.

Thanks to the Agnihotra ash, for the first time, the herpes vanished in a very short time.

Photos: In the beginning

Treatment with ghee and Agnihotra ash

Agnihotra ash treatment

Seventh day of treatment.
Completely cured!

2) Infection of a pimple
At this stage, I was not practicing the Homa fires. This infection was caused by squeezing very hard an old pimple. Its contents burst and caused an infection. The treatment was with pills and injections. Finally it was solved with a minor surgery in a hospital.
The surgeon, a specialist with great experience, worked meticulously until taking out "the seed", that is to say the final core and to clean the zone exhaustively.
I spent in total about 150 dollars.
Several months later, I began to feel that same zone hot and observed it. I noticed that it was infected again. I decided to do the healing this time myself using the Agnihotra ash.
I squeezed it until all the pus was removed. I cleaned it up with alcohol and then covered it with Agnihotra ash and a piece of cotton. In one week the spot was totally dry and I felt no more pain. I even forgot that this area was infected. It hardly left a scar.
No cost in medications or surgeries.
3) Spider bite
A few months ago, I arrived at work and felt the calf area of my right leg hot and hard.
When I checked, a very wide area was inflamed; it was hard and hot. It was swollen red and burning. I felt great discomfort.
At night I observed a small bulge with water inside, similar to a burn of a cigarette. The doctor who happened to see me at work said it was a spider bite.
I cleaned and washed the area well. Then I rubbed the healing ash from the Agnihotra Fire. After three days, it was fine and dry. Nothing can be noticed in that area.

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