Rosario Francia Nolasco | Depression, Cancer

(Rosario Nolasco)

Rosario Francia Nolasco
Primary Care Center of Carabayllo EsSalud Paul Nogier,
Complementary Medicine Service
Carabayllo, Lima North, Peru, South America

      I’m 54 years old. I came with deep depression to Dr. Jorge Torres. I was detected with uterine cancer 14 years ago. 6 years later cancer was found in my left breast, which then was removed. I also had kidney problems. And last year, 2019, they detected lung cancer.
Thank God, Homa Therapy helped me a lot. It gives me good energy and I’m moving on. I know that Homa Therapy is helping me because I got to expel the tumors from the lungs.

    There were two things that I expelled through my mouth when I was already with Homa Therapy and drinking the Agnihotra ash with water. I never thought this would happen, but it happened thanks to God and thanks to Homa Therapy. I also thank Dr. Torres, who supports us a lot!
Before that happened, a biopsy was done showing that I had cancer in the lungs. After having thrown out these things, another biopsy was performed and they found that I no longer had cancer. Now I am also sleeping well and I am very happy.

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  1. Hello madam
    If you dont mind can I get you contact mail . I would like to know whar did you do to eliminate lung cancer.

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