Walter Daniel Pareja Martillo | Cancer

Walter Daniel Pareja Martillo
Homa Medical Center ‘The Good Shepherd
of  Dr. Jaime Montufar
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

Dr. Montufar explains:
Daniel was a patient with limited resources and he could not get a conventional treatment for cancer. He had stomach cancer and was diagnosed as hopeless; he even had lung metastases. Now, with Homa treatment, he feels normal and works every day. He does Agnihotra almost daily with us.

Walter Daniel:
      I am 36 years old. My gastric cancer began a year and a half ago. I was treated at SOLCA (state anticancer hospital), where they did some tests and then sent me home and gave me only 3 months to live. They said that nothing could be done.
The pains I had were so strong that I was sometimes lying on the street; they were like knots in the guts. It was horrible. I was very thin at that time.
But then I met Dr. Montufar and he helped me with Homa Therapy and gave me Agnihotra ash. I got better and gained weight. I no longer suffer from pain, gastric or lung problems. I feel good and I am happy. (Photo: Walter Daniel)

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