Homa Psychotherapy: Training the Mind

Training the Mind to react with Love and
make proper Decisions

By Barry Rathner, Clinical Psychologist

Though I intended to have this article be a continuation of the discussion of Fivefold Path, I have decided that the situation we all face with the pandemic makes it more important to discuss some issues related to this.
I shall return to the intended agenda in the near future.


Have you heard the joke about how our governments are meant to protect us in times of crisis—be it COVID-19 or CLIMATE CHANGE?

Dream on, fellow seekers and wannabe survivors.

THIS IS NOT A TEST. This is not a movie. All the woods, be they Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood are as clueless as our “leaders.” The fiction would be too strange to be thought of as fact.

This one’s on us, on you.

“You talkin’ to me?” Yes, is the answer. God, Mother Nature, Divine Feminine….they are all speaking to us. And what They are saying is,”Our only way out is in.”

We must go within, find our own answers and solutions and then go about doing the needful.

And thanks God and Her/His Messengers, we have been provided with the survival tool—one that helps us individually, helps those around us, and helps the environment as it teeters seemingly out of control.


Daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra—done simply in a copper pyramid in which dried cow dung and cow’s ghee are burned and into which two offerings of unbroken, unpolished rice are offered to the accompaniment of a very short Sanskrit mantra. That’s it.

The farms of hundreds of thousands of farmers, not to mention the lives of the farmers themselves, can be saved, have been saved, by performance of Agnihotra.

The suicide epidemic of farmers in Maharashtra and other places can be stopped with Agnihotra.

Why is this? Quite simply, the effects of Agnihotra on the atmosphere through the simple correlation of ATMOSPHERE, PRANA, MIND result in quantifiable and palpable improvement in farmers’ states of mind, hence, physical and mental health.

This is serious. Even if we survive Corona, the elephant in the room must be dealt with.
CLIMATE CHANGE does not lend itself to prophylactic measures.

There will be no vaccine to inoculate us against rising tides, life-threatening storms….

India—and by extension all live there—is in a unique and perhaps enviable position.

You have an appreciation for Spirituality and Vedic culture and knowledge. You do not view Vedic Culture with the skepticism that some in other countries do.

And in 2020, the world has been forced to admit, WE DO NOT KNOW. That leaves an exciting pitch on which we can all show our wares.

There are basically two ways to look at the effects of Homa Organic Farming and Agnihotra.
1) effects on farmers and gardeners
2) effects on what they are trying to grow

Both areas of concern are of great importance if we consider SENTIENT BEINGS, beings that FEEL, then we must look at farmers and herbs and plants.

When the authors of, “The Secret Life of Plants”, demonstrated that a plant hooked up to a lie detector machine showed “fear” when the thought of burning a leaf manifested, many viewed plants differently.

When Swami Vivekananda wrote about Burbank, a California horticulturist who coaxed roses to grow without thorns by speaking to them and assuring them they could safely grow without thorns, many more viewed plants differently.

And so it is with Agnihotra and Homa Organic Farming. The subtle effects of this Vedic science of farming can revolutionise the field as the Perfect Storm of Corona and Climate Change threaten our very existence.

When “The Secrets of the Soil” was published in 1989 and an entire 17-page chapter was devoted to ‘Purified With Fire,’ the world learned anew what was involved with Agnihotra and its effects on humans and plants.

Yes, yes, we have in our hands a Vedic super-technology that simply needs to be experienced to be believed. The time is now.

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