Kelly Yulan Vera | Diabetes, Gangrene

(Photo: Kelly Vera)

Kelly Yulan Vera
Homa Center "La Zenaida"
Vinces, Los Ríos, Ecuador, South America
I was admitted to the University Hospital, where I was told that I needed a cleansing IV in order to undergo surgery the next day and to have my leg amputated above the knee, because my diabetes problem had advanced too much. I said no, that I wanted to go home to find another remedy. There, my brother-in-law told me that he would take me to Vinces, to a good doctor he knew there, who had already healed people.

     In Vinces, I received from doctor Luis Carriel the Agnihotra ash cream; sea water, Agnihotra ash and magnesium chloride was used for the cleaning of my wounds. I took MMS. In the beginning, I also used an anesthesia spray so my foot wouldn’t hurt. Besides, I ate everything without salt and without sugar, everything like I was told.
Within two months I was already walking with the help of crutches. After the first 15 days of this treatment, I started feeling better and better and better; I felt relief, much relief. After 5 months, I already walked.
I thank God and I thank Dr. Carriel because by his hand I have been healed. I have more faith in him than in all the drugstores.

Med. Tec. Luis Carriel and Therapist Sara Bustamante,
Homa Center "La Zenaida"
Vinces, Los Ríos,
Ecuador, South America

About the diabetic patient, Kelly Yulan Vera:
In September 2015, the patient Kelly Vera attended our Homa Center “La Zenaida” for the first time, presenting a very advanced gas gangrene, practically with the left foot completely black up to about 25 cm above the foot level. With holes so deep that the tendons could be seen.

(Photo: Sara Bustamante and Med. Tec. Luis Carriel)

She had been scheduled for a leg amputation above the knee. We managed to reverse the process in 15 to 20 days in spite of the seriousness of the situation in which she came. The tendons on the dorsal part of her foot were practically exposed, they looked like guitar strings. Completely tight and white. On the plant of this foot, she had several holes and inclusive already had a bad smell.
We applied a protocol using Agnihotra ash with hot water and a solution of sea water. As we did not have sea water, we dissolved 2 pounds of sea salt in 20 liters of warm water with Agnihotra ash and Magnesium chloride.
Thus, we began the treatment day by day. One of the recommendations she was given, was not to put gauze on the wounds, nothing to cover them. We simply left it exposed to the open air, but with a kind of wire crown around it, which was covered with a strong cloth so that no flies or dust or anything could contaminate.
We also used MMS, as a permanent retroviral every two hours, for 5 daily doses and for a period of 5 months. With this protocol, the process was reversed. The tissue started to regenerate and the holes started filling up and healing. Using the Agnihotra Ash cream (Ghee with Agnihotra ash) the healing process was accelerated. And as you can see in the image, she only lost a part of the 2nd toe. So, she saved her leg.
These are the satisfactions of seeing patients with different pathologies where conventional medicine cannot help. In this case we could and it is being demonstrated with facts. Of course, the patient had to undergo a diet free of carbohydrates, free of flour, free of refined sugar, completely vegetarian, with certain fruits. Thus, including a proper diet, the process of healing is supported. Consuming the Agnihotra ash and attending or better still, personally practicing the Homa Fires, they are being cured.

Med. Tec. Luis Carriel explains the photos:

Photo of the dorsal part of the left foot:

The part of the photo that has a different tone is regenerated tissue. The tendons were clearly visible. She only lost one phalanx of the ring toe. The area is fully regenerated. This happened 5 years ago.

Photo showing the bottom of the left foot:

Here we also see 2 skin tones, the normal and the regenerated one. All what is darker skin was full of holes.

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