Victoria Peña Muñoz | Osteoarthritis

Victoria Peña Muñoz
EsSalud Hospital,
Policlinic “Sister Maria Donrose”
Ventanilla, Lima, Peru, South America

    "I am 63 years old. Before I started with Homa Therapy, I had an ocean full of illnesses. Everything hurt. Everything with me was wrong, everything. My whole body was beat up. When I was invited to this therapy, I really came just to look. I thought it was not a thing of the Lord. But I also thought, ‘If people give these testimonies of healing, it must be a good thing.’ I began to participate and, above all, I bought my Agnihotra kit and began to take the Agnihotra ash.

(Photo: Mrs. Victoria Peña – far right practicing Agnihotra in the EsSalud Policlinic of Ventanillas, Lima North.)
      I had osteoarthritis and my whole body ached, one day the arm, the other the foot, and so on. I also had a spur in the foot, which caused horrible pain. I could not walk anymore. It was terrible and because of that I had to stop working many times. I could not handle it any more. When Dr. Ada (Head of the Department of Complementary Medicine of this Clinic) told me to rub the Agnihotra cream on the spur, I did it. And look at me now. I have more than a year that I no longer have the pain. It disappeared! Nothing left of it!
     Also, I gave a friend some Agnihotra cream for her mother who could not sleep due to pain. I said to her, ‘Although the cream is black, use it for your mother.’ After three days, I saw her again and she hugged me and thanked me and said: ‘My mother is sleeping well. Her foot does not hurt anymore and she does not have any pain anywhere.’ I said to myself ‘My God!’ and I prayed to the Lord. I’ve given her more of this ash cream and she’s fine."

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