Clara Martinez’ Story

Bogota, Colombia
South America


“I know Agnihotra for almost two years. I learned how to prepare the Agnihotra eye drops. I had two warts. One in the upper right eyelid and another below the left eye. First I thought they were pimples, but after having them for nearly 10 months, they began to grow. I went to the dermatologist and he recommended a surgery. So, an ophthalmologist operated on the right eyelid.”

“But the wart underneath my left eye, that I had for a long time, began to grow. The dermatologist said I had to remove it or burn it. But I hesitated because I was not sure how my face was going to look afterwards. 15 days before the planned operation, I remembered the Agnihotra eye drops and said, ‘let’s try’.”

“I was a little incredulous but I started applying these drops mixed with a bit of Agnihotra ash on the wart. I do not regularly practise Agnihotra, but as often as possible and I always take some Agnihotra ash. The fact is that on the third or fourth day, in such a short time period, I got up in the morning and I was surprised and saw: ‘Oh, I had nothing. There was absolutely nothing left of the wart.’ My skin was completely clean and I did not have to go to the dermatologist. That was a beautiful experience.”

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