Saby Celeste Jaramillo’s Healing

Guayquil, Ecuador
South America

bone fracture

“Two years ago I had an accident and I fell from a height of five feet while I was putting a shelf on the kitchen wall. My mom wanted to help me get to my feet again, but I told her not to touch my arm for it was broken.”

“So I was taken to a hospital and the X-ray confirmed this. I had a bone fracture with a separation of approx. 1 cm in the upper part of the right arm. I was told that I would need a surgery with pins and plates if the pieces do not come together. Then the doctor bandaged my arm to the chest, telling me that he will not cast it, in order to not hurt my breasts.”

“This happened on a Wednesday and the following Friday I had to go for a new X-ray and bring the former one for comparisons. But the next day, Thursday, I put a Shree Yantram on my arm just at the height of the fracture. Then I felt clearly some pull up inside the arm. I was amazed by the power of the Yantram. The next day, Friday, the Doctor compared the two X-rays and said: ‘I wonder what are you doing, girl?’ I said: ‘Why do you ask me that?’ He said, ‘I ask because our dear God loves you very much. This is a miracle. The bones are already knitted.’ He said it was very strange, because even a one year old child can take 8 days and I was 33 years old at that time.”

“In the first visit, he had told me that it would take six months to a year to be able to move my arm again, depending on the calcium in my body. With the bandage I could only sleep sitting, leaning forward. That was very uncomfortable. But already, after one week, I could sleep laying down. 15 days later, I could move my arm. It was then that the doctor told me that my elbow was also fractured; he had not spoken about this earlier. He told me I needed to do rehabilitation therapy in order to help the movement in the elbow, but I did not. After one month I managed to start doing Agnihotra again and after 3 months I was quite well able to move my arm.”

“As you can see my arm is completely well. After fractures of this kind, almost always a mark or sign remains. This did not happen to me. I can move the arm in all directions without problem and nothing hurts. I thank GOD, HOMA THERAPY and the SHREE YANTRAM for my quick healing. During all this time I also took the Agnihotra ash with water.”

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