Are your eyes shining like stars?

If you look at another person’s eyes and whether it is with or without words, it is like a welcoming of that persons soul. Regardless of whether you know that person or not, whether you speak his language or not, whether you embrace him or not – our eyes are the mirror of our soul and a single glance may reveal more than a thousand words.

If I am full of love, a single look can also wrap the other in this heartfelt love – without words. If I am sad, my eyes will also radiate this sadness – without words.

Since I can be so much happier when I am full of joy, it is important to ensure that I actually experience joy daily. I can feel that best, when my awareness is open towards friendly situations: Can you breathe well and easily? Do you have something to eat, to drink and  have a place to sleep? Congratulations! You already have the fundamental layout for a happy day!

Do you feel your heart? Can you open it up a little wider, fill it with a little warmth towards yourself and maybe include another person with whom you want to share your happiness? This is a great start for a wonderful, happy day! The rest of the day, the thousand small and large details, you can easily manage like a manager. If we have pleasant experiences, it is easy for us to feel that happiness as a gift. In difficult situations, we can also learn to experience this as a happy gift: we learn to think ahead (to find a solution), to be stronger (to survive a situation), to see life from another perspective (perhaps I recognize different aspects of my situation?), to come close to our family or friends and to organize assistance. Service in general cannot be trained enough and it is such a blessing and brings great happiness. And therefore, difficult situations can really become a jump board to happiness if we look at it this way. Agnihotra and all other additional Homas give us a strong support in practicing happiness better and better. HOMA – HOMA – HOMA!

And what does all this has to do with my eyes? My eyes radiate exactly what is INSIDE of me into the world! And when I am filled with joy and love from my heart, my eyes cannot but shine and radiate this bliss into the world – to everyone and everything around! Isn’t that great? And it is in our hands to build up this happiness for oneself and ones’ whole environment, step by step by step – carrying on, always improving!

In this task to share our inner feelings with the world, we can support our eyes even further and strengthen them with Agnihotra eye drops. This is the recipe:  boil about 1 liter of good drinking water with 1 tablespoon of powdered Agnihotra-ash for 10 minutes. Then pour the still hot mixture through a paper filter or several layers of fine cloth. Apply the filtered liquid as eye drops 3 – 8 times a day. One drop directly into the eye and one drop on the skin to massage the area around the eye.

Please prepare these eye drops every day new! This treatment strengthens the entire eye area. After applying these relaxing and rejuvenating eye drops we can rub our hands very quickly against each other so that they get hot, and then cover your closed eyes with this relaxing warmth.

If the eyes suffer from an inflammation or puss, for example a baby after birth, then we cook cow’s milk with Agnihotra ash together (let it rise once), pour this mixture through a paper filter or several layers of thin cloth and wash the eyes every hour with this Agnihotra milk and put one drop of it in each eye.

What a joy for yourself and everyone around you when your eyes shine more and more – like stars – just blissfully!

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