Rafael Dietsch | Plantar fasciitis, Torn Muscles

Rafael Dietsch
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

          "I am 67 years. I participated in the Agnihotra session just now in the home of Ms. Miriam Molano.   My muscles are torn on both shoulders and I am attending physical therapy since last year. Since I have these tears, the neck muscles have to work harder and they really hurt. It happened during Agnihotra that I was entering into a deep relaxation and went off. When it all ended, I woke up.

           And now, I no longer feel the pain
. Look, I can rub and hit my neck muscles and I do not feel any pain; before I could not even touch them. After Agnihotra my pain has disappeared completely, but completely.
           And in the foot, I have a problem with a plantar fascia inflammation that is terrible. Now, I do not know if it’s really true, but I do not feel the pain any more.
  No more pain!
Thank God for these blessings! Recently I have gotten my kit and I am practicing Agnihotra daily."
(Photos:   1) Don Rafael is showing where the tears with severe pain were.
2) Strongly rubbing the muscles. Before, he could not even touch them without pain.      
3) Don Rafael surprised, happy and grateful to Homa Therapy)

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