Ruth Marithza Rincon’s Story

Bucaramanga, Colombia
South America

unruly children

“I know Homa Therapy for hardly one week and after the first Agnihotra session I took some Agnihotra ash home. In my house I have a very special case. I have a brother that has been a drunk all his life. He is not an aggressive drunk, but he drinks every day. In my heart I said, if this ash can do miracles, it should do it in my home.”

“Every morning my brother takes his cup of coffee and then he disappears for the rest of the day and he comes back drunk at night. I said to myself, he likes his coffee and since it is me who prepares it, I am going to put a little bit of this Agnihotra ash in the coffee. He took the coffee with the blessings and he left. I do not know what he does during the day, but the case is that I have seen him come home every evening this whole week sober and even eager to help. He asked, if I have something to do, that he wants to collaborate.”

“My God, how marvelous is that! These are blessings! I think that after this, many more miracles will happen and Agnihotra is so simple. My brother is 50 years old and he was drinking since the age of 12. That first Homa session was on a Monday and already on Tuesday, I saw the first positive change in him. I have given him the Agnihotra ash every sacred day of this week in his morning coffee and I do not worry about where he goes during the day.”

“I’m a teacher and I wondered if HOMA Therapy would harmonize the school environment for many children today are rude, lazy, aggressive, etc. So I wanted to try it on a group of students who were very hard to manage. I prepared a little cream with ghee and Agnihotra ash. I mixed half a teaspoon of ash with one teaspoon of ghee and put in an empty Vaseline box. I smeared a little on my finger and with much dissimulation I went through the rows and touched the heads of the students (third grade) and asked them ‘how are you?’ My intention was to apply the Agnihotra ash cream. I approached each one and told them that I was glad to see them. I did that with the 7 most terrible boys. And then during the class the children were attentive and raised their hands to participate! And I thought ‘Wow, that has not happened all year.’ All they had done was use bad words, bad words and more bad words. Seeing how attentive they were and how they participated, I simply, ‘Thank you God for that favour!’ Now, I feel very happy with this group and we will finish this year with much peace.”

“I also put the Agnihotra ash into the coffee of my husband and I have noticed that he is now very loving, very affectionate, very tender. He is the ideal husband. Homa Therapy helped because there was not the ideal harmony that one wishes in a marriage. Now, there are only blessings after blessings. I feel very happy. I have tried so many things to improve our relationship. I did meditations, prayed the Novena, asked all the Saints for help, all the angels, etc. But this was magic, the Divine Magic of HOMA.”

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