Rocio de Jesus Veliz Lucas | Ghost

Hostería Saiananda, Caraquez Bay,
Ecuador, South America

“I am 48 years old. I had gone on vacation to the place where my mother lives. Many times people come to ask for her help. One day, a girl arrived at 3 in the morning from the country, saying that at 6 pm, as she was closing her front door, she saw the ghost of a man; his skull was full of blood. She closed the door, went to her room and fainted. It seemed that the ghost or spirit of the dead man had followed her.

Her husband, seeing her like this, was frightened. Later, when she opened her eyes, the spirit continued bothering her. So they decided to leave the house and they walked towards the main road. By then, it was about one o’clock in the morning.

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Rosa Sotomayor | Cysts

Rosa Sotomayor
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

The doctor diagnosed my friend, Piedad, with cysts. She had two, one on each breast. One was large, the size of a lime. The other one was smaller. The doctor diagnosed these cysts using an ultrasound and said that she had to have an operation. So I talked to her about Homa Therapy because I had tried it at home with my daughters. Homa Therapy specially helped my daughter, who has shortness of breath. She suffers from asthma. I recommended that she apply the Agnihotra ash as well as take it [orally]. So she was taking and applying the ash every day for two weeks until she had another appointment with the doctor. She was to have a checkup and schedule an appointment for the operation. When they did another ultrasound, they could not find anything in either breast. The cysts had already disappeared.

The doctor asked her if she had been taking some medication and she told him “no”. He said “that in any case, they did not need to operate because there was nothing there, the cysts had disappeared”.
At first, she could not believe it. So she called another doctor from next door to confirm if the ultrasound report was good or not. So the other doctor did examine her as well and he also couldn’t find any cyst. They thought that the previous results were wrong and asked if they had been delivered the same day or the next day, because maybe there had been a mistake. So she told them that the ultrasound was taken on Sunday and that there were no other patients, she was the only one, and they handed her the results the same day. So, there was no error.
I have almost two years practicing Agnihotra and I gave the Agnihotra ash to my friend. She took it [orally] and applied the Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee.”
Photo: Rosa Sotomayor participating in Agnihotra at the Homa Center in Guayaquil.)

Rosa Aguirre | Debilitating Sickness

Rosa Aguirre
Armenia, Colombia, S. America

I am 55 years old. I found out about Homa Therapy through my neighbor. He knew that I have been sick for 22 months, only in bed. They had to carry me, because I could not get up, nor do anything. I could not dress or feed myself. I could not be left alone.

It was a very difficult situation. I was becoming increasingly invalid. I was tested everywhere and visited all kinds of Medical Doctors. CT scans and other painful tests were done. I was tested in the cities of Pereira and Manizales, but they did not give me any diagnosis. I just became increasingly weak and invalid. I lost 14 kilos.

Then my neighbor asked my husband, ‘why don’t you bring her here to the Homa Medical Center Botica de la Abuela?’

Ms. Rosa Aguirre (far left) during Agnihotra in the Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’.

So I was brought here and I could not believe it – I started to sleep! This was happiness to me because I had not been able to sleep. But that changed during the first week with Homa Therapy. So my husband saw the improvement and brought me every day. I come to the Agnihotra fire and take its ash and breathe the healing smoke.

My granddaughter Nicole, who always accompanies me, used to urinate in the bed. Doctors had told her that her bladder was too small and that is why she could not hold the urine for long. But now she is fine. Also her feet hurt. No more bedwetting and no more pain in the feet.

And I feel great, thanks God. Now, I am able to get up. I dress alone and can eat without help. I can cook food for my children. I now use the walking stick only for better balance on the street, but at home I do not use it any more, neither the walker. Before I could not raise my hands above the shoulders, now I can. Before I had a very sore neck, not anymore. Now I am able to comb my hair and apply make up and take a bath. Now I have a lot of willpower and feel very inspired. All this has happened in the last 3 months with Homa Therapy. It is the Holy Spirit that brought me to the fires through my neighbor and I’ve also brought other people to Homa Therapy.

Photo right: Granddaughter Nicole is warming her hands over the Homa fire and then places them on her grandmother’s knees.

Luz Mery Mora | Hypothyroidism

Luz Mery Mora
Armenia, Colombia, South America

I am 57 years old. For the last seven years, I’ve been suffering with hypothyroidism. I used to wake up with fear and feel freezing cold. I was taking thyroxin for 7 years. First I was taking 50 mg and then 25 mg. And my anxiety and tachycardia continued. I was fearful.

Then I got my Agnihotra kit. I’ve been coming to Homa Therapy for the last 3 months. I do Agnihotra and take the ash. The blood tests became normal, but the Endocrinology doctor said I still should continue taking thyroxin because I had a lump and I needed more specialized ultrasound tests. I continued with Homa Therapy.

Today, after those specialized tests were done, the Medical Doctor told me that I do not have anything wrong and do not need to take more thyroxin.

Also when I got here, I could not bend my leg well. I had a swelling in the knee. Since I started coming to Homa Therapy, the swelling is gone. It does not hurt any longer and I walk OK.

Let me add, I am a teacher for children with special needs (handicapped). I have also seen many changes in the children that I have brought here. Example, I take care of a girl named Aurelis suffering from Autism and I have seen many changes on her. She was so afraid of contact. She has socialization problems and many fears, but these have been significantly reduced. I’ve seen also the benefits of Homa Therapy in other children with special needs. I’ve seen how Homa heals the mind and a healthy mind heals the body.

Saurabh Sakhre – Effect of Agnihotra Ash on Impurities in Drinking Water

Saurabh Sakhre
Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science
Indore, India

I am assistant professor in the Indore Institute of Science and Technology in the civil engineering department. I am 22 years old. 2 years ago I came to know about Agnihotra from Dr. Ulrich Berk and I started practicing it. In the beginning I was not regularly doing it, but after some time I did.

Then the head of my department, Col. Prakash Inamdar gave me an idea how to do some research on this. One striking result after research showed that because of Agnihotra ash a colony of bacteria in waste water became zero, was eliminated. Before, there were bacteria, but after adding Agnihotra ash there were none. It fully cancelled the bacteria.
So I wrote my thesis on “The Effect of Agnihotra ash on impurities in drinking water.”
When I do Agnihotra I feel that there is a healing effect. What kind of healing effect? I cannot tell you in words, but I believe what I experience and it is something different.

 After doing Agnihotra and sitting for 5 minutes in its atmosphere I feel very relaxed, very energized, very peaceful and my mind is clear."

(photos show the young assistant professor Saurabh)

Jitendra & Manjusha Panje and Baby Payal

  • Mr Jitendra reports that for seven years his marriage was childless.
  • After starting Agnihotra he left all the costly treatments and potions he had received from various doctors and healers.
  • Two months after starting to practise Agnihotra in his house his wife fell pregnant.