Luciana Eleonora Federico’s Story

La Rioja, Argentina
South America

sick rabbit

“I work in a kindergarten where we have a pet rabbit which the kids love a lot. One morning, three months ago, I found the rabbit lying on the floor, unable to get up, move or eat. The principal took him to the vet where he got shots to see if he improved. But the vet said, that it was a very old rabbit (over 8 years) and that he would not survive the weekend. I asked the principal permission to take him to my home.”

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Mani Grisales’ Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America

joint pain
muscular pain

“I am 55 years old. Before, I hurt all over, my back, my arms, the whole body. I went to the doctors and they prescribed me acetaminophen. That did not help. I suffered for 5 years from these pains. The right leg used to get swollen and the pain in my knee would not let me do anything. I was in very bad shape.”

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