Patricia Piñeros’ Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America


“At the beginning of this year, I was really sick. I went through many medical checkups. In one of them, a tumor near the bladder was detected. I have tendencies to cancer, because my parents, my aunts and many family members have died of cancer. I was very worried.”

I started going to the Homa Medical Center, Grandma’s Pharmacy (La Botica de la Abuela) and also started doing Agnihotra in my house with the pyramid. I also take the Agnihotra ash. I did not take any medication. I also started making a plaster with ghee and Agnihotra ash and also took this cream orally.”

“Exactly, on Mother’s Day, I felt immense pains like labor. I felt bad and needed to go to the bathroom. My daughter and an aunt took me, because I could not walk for the pain was so immense . Then I expelled the tumor! At that moment, my daughter said it was a blood clot, but I took the bag and looked at it closely and it was fleshy, it was a tumor. Since then, I have not felt any pain.”

“Agnihotra ash has helped me a lot. Now, I sleep well and it has removed many other problems. I invite you to practice Homa Therapy and consume Agnihotra ash and if you are able, also come to Grandma’s Pharmacy (La Botica de la Abuela).”

“Twenty days ago, Dr. Escanilla in the city of Calarcá told me that I am fine. I have the previous ultrasound showing the tumor and now I also have the last exam he ordered, a total abdominal ultrasound, and that shows that I have nothing.”

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