Strong Nerves (Part 2)

In the pharmacy, in the family, in workshops on different topics, but also while driving or during shopping, I keep experiencing more stress in people. Maybe they have more appointments in less time, have unsolved issues and problems, perhaps suffer from diseases? Many people feel sad or depressed.

In addition to these personal circumstances, the earth itself is in a change too. The magnetic field of the Earth is changing as well as the fundamental frequency of the Earth and precisely that also has an impact on our health and on our brain waves and determines how we feel. What can I do, so I feel comfortable?

1) Create room and space for me. It will help if I plan regular breaks in my daily schedule. You make so many appointments with everybody else, and so you can also plan regular events where you meet yourself to breathe, to think, to gain strength.

Through Agnihotra something like a direct channel opens to receive the sun’s energy.

2) Recharge your batteries: The easiest way to recharge your batteries is with Agnihotra and the complementary Homas. Through these,  a direct channel opens to receive the sun’s energy, which for us is the most powerful, life-sustaining energy, our lifeblood. So we gather strength and confidence and achieve more clarity about our next steps.
3) Step by Step: Divide your work and time into manageable steps in the direction you want to go to. Focus today on the day, what can I do now?

4) Support from Nature: You are never alone! Nature loves to help you and in order to respect that help, it is best to regularly, if possible every day, walk for a while with open eyes through nature, among the stones, plants, flowers, trees and water. Consciously enjoy nature around you and be sure that nature is happy to stand by you.

You can also collect herbs in nature and prepare a tea at home adding Agnihotra ash.

Especially suitable for balancing the mind are Lemon balm, St. John’s wort, valerian, kava kava, etc. Best to always put some Agnihotra ash into the tea, to boost the healing power of plants. If you grow medicinal plants in the garden, best to add some Agnihotra-ash to the soil, directly or combined with water.

5) Gold Colloid – Sun for the Soul: Gold colloid (ionized gold in water) has been used since ancient times to balance and strengthen the mind. Together with Agnihotra ash its support is increased. Gold can be taken directly as gold colloid or as homeopathic gold (Aurum metallicum), but always add a pinch of Agnihotra ash. What if you have no gold colloid available? Then you can try the following: Write the word "colloidal gold" on a piece of paper and set the glass of water on top of it (see Emoto "The Hidden Messages in Water"). Water can absorb information, and this way takes over the vibration of the gold and then you can drink this water.

Nature really wants to support and assist us in so many ways, if we respect her. As a thank you, you can sprinkle Agnihotra ash in nature, and this way you can also support the environment. And if you open your heart and let this love flow into nature, you will have a very happy day!

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