Luciana Eleonora Federico’s Story

La Rioja, Argentina
South America

sick rabbit

“I work in a kindergarten where we have a pet rabbit which the kids love a lot. One morning, three months ago, I found the rabbit lying on the floor, unable to get up, move or eat. The principal took him to the vet where he got shots to see if he improved. But the vet said, that it was a very old rabbit (over 8 years) and that he would not survive the weekend. I asked the principal permission to take him to my home.”

“There, my friend, Mariela Pugliese, gave me some Agnihotra ash for him to take with water and to apply it over his back, which I did. To my joy, Shorty (the rabbit) began to eat, he got up and now he is for the third month in my house and refuses to take water if it does not have the Agnihotra ash. When I give him some fruit, I put the Agnihotra ash on top of it and he first licks the Agnihotra ash, before he eats the fruit. It seems like he knows what makes him feel better.”

“I took some photos of Shorty to the children, because they were very sad when he was sick, but with the photos they were very excited to see that he is so much better and they laugh when I tell them his mischievous behavior like kicking the box where he lives, when he has no more food or when I pick him up he kisses me. He is a very sweet animal and we are very happy that through the Agnihotra ash he has a better life. Thanks!”

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