Pramadevi Viswanadham | Gallbladder

Pramadevi Viswanadham
Kharagpur, West Bengal,
India, Asia

  I have been doing Agnihotra for 10 years. Before knowing Agnihotra, I suffered a lot. I could barely walk and could not see. I used to cling to the walls when I had to move. All these problems occurred after an operation to remove the gallbladder stones. I could not eat properly and I lost all my energy.

(Photo: Mrs. Pramadevi Viswanadham)
I was in this situation for almost 3 years despite all the medications I took and visiting so many doctors.
Then my friend, Laxmi, told me about Agnihotra and suggested that I practice it. The day I started its practice, my recovery began.

After doing it for 40 days at sunrise and sunset, my health was re-established.
In our family, we continue to practice Agnihotra, because it has helped us all, not only physically, but it has also shown its positive effects on our minds and souls.

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