Vivian Oreina Palta’s Story

Popayan, Cauca, Colombia
South America


“I heard about the massive healing with Homa Therapy accidentally and I came to the ‘SENA’ (National Service of Learning) yesterday afternoon. When I arrived, the auditorium was completely full and I had to stand in a corner for a long time. I have advanced osteoporosis. It felt like I had sand in my joints and it was hurting badly. It felt like my joints were going to come apart.”

“When the facilitator said, ‘please, take off your shoes,’ I thought that it was going to affect me with more pain. The floor was very cold. But he said, ‘not to worry’ and so, I took off my shoes.”

“At the end of the Agnihotra session the pain was gone. Although I had to stand on my feet the whole day today, I feel very well. I have no pain and I am grateful to God and to this wonderful Homa Therapy.”

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