Antonia Martinez’ Story

Vinces, Ecuador
South America

Alergic reaction to vaccination

“I am Antonia Martinez. I am 37 years old.
My grandson didn’t walk; he was crippled; he was in bed; he had a throat infection; he could not do anything nor could he eat anything. This happened after he received a second vaccine like a booster of the first vaccine. He was like this for one year. Dr. Bustamante told me that it was a problem caused by the vaccine, because the dose was too high.”

“I have been coming to the Homa Therapy sessions for 2 months. Now, the boy is much better. He rises; he goes everywhere; he is already crawling; he is no longer angry; before, he was unbearable. Now, he behaves well. He is 3 years old. All this happened in the last 2 months. I am happy to see my grandson improve.”

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