Vicky Morales de Zurita’s Story

Quito, Ecuador
South America

Family problems
Heart disease

“Before Agnihotra, my family was practically destroyed. Each one of its members lived and looked in a different way. One looked to the south, the other to the north and each one of us had his/ her own view. And we, the parents, were about to split. Our family lived in a crisis: first my husband, who suffered a heart attack that almost killed him. Then my oldest daughter got pregnant and my second daughter had to repeat the school year. All this happened in one year.”

“I began the practice of Agnihotra on the day my husband left the hospital after triple bypass heart surgery. From that day on, I practise Agnihotra and that is approximately three and a half years. Everything has changed. Fernando and I, are again a couple with a lot of love and respect. We have made a home again. Almost everybody can have a family and a roof over his head, but that sweet feeling and protection of arriving at home, we only get it thanks to Homa Therapy.”

Vicky and Fernando with their daughters now teach Agnihotra in their HOMA CENTER in Quito, Ecuador

“We relocate houses often due to my husband’s work. So wherever we go, we travel with our pyramids. And I can tell you, we do Agnihotra when we arrive at a new house and immediately we feel that we are in our home.”

“The harmony that we are able to live with our daughters is very wonderful. My daughter Carla, who has been very lazy, she is now the first of her class. Well, we all practice Agnihotra.
We thank God for being able to practice Homa Therapy. It has healed our family and each one of us.
My testimony is dedicated to all the families, so they know that they can find the happiness again, as we have found it through the practice of Homa Therapy.”

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