Carmen Hidalgo | Diabetes

Bogota, Colombia
South America


I came from Colombia 3 days ago. I have participated in the healing fires since then and I did my first Agnihotra with Ms. Leo in Bogota one day before coming. She gave me the Agnihotra ash. I began to take it from that day on. I have taken it for 4 days and my blood sugar level is now 117; it used to be around 280. That is an incredible improvement.

I had such a pain in the leg that I could not walk, and I arrived at the airport in a wheel chair. Now I am walking easily and I feel supremely well. I feel very thankful, because I feel very well. My sugar level has reduced and I am very sure that it was due to the Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra ash because there is nothing else I am doing. I usually take many medicines, but I have not needed to take them lately.

Carmen is even able to sit on the ground comfortably now to do Agnihotra (see photo)

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