Strong Nerves (Part 1)

Life today can be very turbulent sometimes, do you experience that too? New concerns are emerging, critical situations at work or at home also pile up and the days are getting more exhausting. Maybe, there is no end in sight to a difficult situation?
In the pharmacy, I meet more and more people who are exhausted, nervous, they feel that the day asks too much of them, and they even might suffer from a disease.

Everything just is too much and there is no relief in sight! What can I do to feel better quickly?
The practice of Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset proves again and again that this fire is capable of giving strength and peace. And even clearer thoughts are possible: How do I organize this today? Just one day at a time – and later we can see further. If, for example, I have a big problem and I’m looking for the right solution, then maybe I will not find the answer this moment. Maybe I do not feel strong enough for a big change?
But, maybe, I feel strong enough for a little change? And after, I might be able to take another small step?
Imagine you are in the lowest floor of a house and it is very important that you get to the next floor. Can you jump that high that you end up there directly? No? Well, you have the opportunity to use the stairs, one step after another, isn’t that easier? This way you know that you reach easily and safely the next floor. Isn’t this fantastic!
The same way, you can tackle a problem: What can I do today, just today? What small step can I do in the direction I want to go? So, the first step of your staircase is clear. And perhaps then there is a next step in the direction, which opens up a solution? And tomorrow I might be able to do another step?
Using the stairs as an example, it is easy to understand, that in order to get to the next floor, I have to go step by step and I will be successful. In my daily life, I can do the same: Focus on the day today – because we do not know what it has in store tomorrow: health, sickness, an earthquake, a nuclear explosion, blizzards? Or it might just be a regular day? Tomorrow we will look at tomorrow.

 But today, I will use this day. Which steps, what level can I climb up on my staircase to solve my problems? If we walk step by step even a huge problem, a very difficult situation becomes more manageable and easier to work on.

And the Agnihotra fire is helping me in all this.
Additionally I can take the Agnihotra ash regularly as it contains the power of Agnihotra in a sealed form. Thus its help is available during the whole day.

And what more you can do for your support – we want to discuss this in the next Homa Health Newsletter in Part 2.

The practice of Agnihotra gives strength, brings peace and provides a clear mind to tackle solutions for our problems.

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