Marveys Hernandez Castro’s Healing

Caracas, Venezuela
South America

Uterine Cancer

“In 1991 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctor said that due to the radiotherapy and chemotherapy which I would receive, my immune system would become very weak. I was a completely hopeless case. The cancer was in the endometrium of the uterus and had spread extensively.”
“The radiotherapy was at the maximum level and also chemo in the beginning. My body couldn’t stand the treatment. Due to the severity of the cancer I had to have a total hysterectomy. The ovaries were also removed. In order to clean the basal layer I was given very strong radiation. Then the doctor handed me a certificate saying I had Immune Deficiency and also problems of Manic Depression. I was 42 years old. I was given little time to live. The radiation was very strong because they had stopped the chemotherapy.

Then I began to take the Agnihotra ash. The ash relieved my symptoms not only internally but also healed the areas which were severely burned by the radiation. I used the Agnihotra ash powder and my body started to recover. In 1991 other patients with less severe cancer received the same treatment. But they all died. The doctors asked what I was doing? I answered that I was practising Agnihotra. I didn’t stop the fires during the whole period of my radiation treatment. I was able to restore my immune system. I have less anxiety and I can maintain harmony. My body reacts in a positive way because I practise Agnihotra. Now the doctors tell me that I am completely healthy.”

Dra Marveys Hernandez’ testimony.

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